Hello everyone, my name is Ania and I am a wedding and portrait photographer and this is my brand new blog.

Some of you know that I used to have a little blog where I was posting about my work. Well it is gone now... it's gone to that drawer with other papers as a memory of something from the past. I guess it might have happened to some of you who write blogs: a GAP, a big gap in writing. It happened to me and every week and month was more difficult to come back to something that I was not a 100% sure about. 

But I decided to move on, do a bit of sort out, make some changes and start a new blog with new ideas and a fresh head because I strongly feel that I want to write to people.

So this is going to be a place where I will be regularly posting my work and projects I am working on.  Because photography is my passion (and I am very lucky that is my job as well) and I spend a lot of time looking at other photographers work I think it will be a good place to share it with you so from time to time you will find here posts about photography and photographers from the past and those who I like these days. This is a good moment to mention that I don't have an art degree and I am not an art critic and what I write is my own personal opinion based on my taste and all informations I will give you I find in a different media. Other than that I will  write about weddings related stuff like wedding ideas and inspirations. But lets not say too much about it as I don't like restricting myself and also we never know where things will take us...