Vintage wedding fair in Bristol

I look back at last post and I can't believe it was November when I last posted and although I had event and music photography work going on I missed taking photos of pretty things. Those few months were quite difficult to me but also important. I realised I can't take health for granted as I was in hospital unexpectedly whilst in Poland. I know everybody knows "health is the most important" but it really is. After that I still wasn't completely recovered for another two months (I am fine now). Then at the beginning of February we decided to move out from London after six years of living there. This decision was growing in us since sometime so it wasn't one of those spontaneous ones but our moving out was quick without leaving parties without saying goodbyes to the favourite places. I preferred to do this that way as I know I will be visiting it often. So I left the city that was making me both happy and very lonely sometimes, inspired but also overwhelmed me many times and I moved to Bristol. Oh and I also turned 30 last month but I am fine with that ;) I feel like time has passed and I am slowly getting used to to new things and starting liking them. I feel new energy and I am very hungry for photography which brings to my head new ideas. These photos are from the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair in the gorgeous interior of Clifton Pavilion that I was lucky to be photographing.  With everything for your own vintage or boutique wedding it was a great event with so many inspiring and beautiful things. I met lots of lovely, warm people making me very excited to now be part of the wedding scene here and a wedding photographer in Bristol. Thank you Ali from Bristol Vintage for having me there!